Vol 4, issue no. 3 / 2020

  1. Kahina MEDDAHI, Kenza BOUSSORA, Facades corner buildings in Algiers, an architectural and urban solution,
  2. Nouria KAID, Faisal.A.H SALEH , Noureddine GOUFI, Barbara KUHIIRWA, Atumane AGE ABDUL OLIVEIRA, Soumia Kheira SEBSADJI, Recycling and Valorisation of Non-Reusable Used Tyres in Concrete Formulation in Algeria –
    environmental impact,
  3. Imene LAOUAR, Coastalization of coastal cities and its impact on the revaluation of the coastal architectural heritage,
  4. Mohammed, Seddiki, Mohamed, Tehami, Amar, Bennadji, assessment of priority options for preservation of historic buildings using model based on FPROMETHEE,
  5.  Abdelhalim BENDIB, Effet de l’articulation spatiale du réseau routier sur l’accessibilité et le commerce dans la ville de Batna
  6. Bouthaina SAYAD, Djamel ALKAMA, The role of vegetation in improving the quality of living environment–Case of Public Spaces in Guelma city,
  7. Nour El Houda AYADI, Mohamed DERRADJI, When smart materials are used for the development of an adaptive and energy-efficient design of the building envelope
  8.  Imen BEN SAID, Implication of actors in urban rehabilitation and houses restoration in the medina of Tunis,
  9.  Meryem KADRI, Ammar BOUCHAIR, The impact of the roof on indoor thermal comfort in traditional cities. Case of Béni Isguen’s Ksar,
  10. Abdenour KHEZZANE, Abdelhalim BENOUIS, Salima BOUKOUR, Effect of grain size on the properties of pervious concrete
  11. Adila LADJEROUD, Mustapha BOUROUBI, towards sustainable urban devlopment
  12. CEMALI Amar, The ksour and the urban project. Reality and impact, case study of the city of Biskra; South East Algeria,
  13. Nassim KERNOU, Lydia MESSAOUDENE, Abdelmadjid SI SALEM, behavior of portals with glass fiber-reinforced polymers bars
  14. Abdelkader NOUR, Abdelkader BENANANE, Sidi Mohamed BOURDIM, Issam TERKI HESSAINE, Mohamed AISSA, Contribution of Chained Masonry to Improving the Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Buildings,
  15. Sana LAYEB, The place of emotions in  urban and architectural experiences
  16. Mohamed, Tehami, Mohammed, Seddiki, The housing industrialization and the urban development of the city: Case Study Pouillon’s Diar-Es-Saada
  17. Sameh HECHAICHI, Noureddine FERHOUNE, Fouzia BOUABDALLAH, Zineb AGGOUNE, Reinforced Concrete Structures Repair: The Ain M’Lila Bridge In The Oum El Bouaghi OEB,
  18. BENHAMMADA Aissa Law No. 15/08, Analytical Study of the Content of the Compliance and Settlement Law,
  19. BOULMAIZ Houcine, DJEBNOUNE Brahim, Building regulations in the Algerian legislation Critical and analytical study of law 08-15,

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